‘90210’: Telling the truth is in, but Navid is out

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In “90210,” when it rains it pours. The gig was up for almost every character on this week’s episode. While some came clean voluntarily, others were forced to expose the skeletons in their closet.

The biggest “come to Jesus” occurred with Kelly (Jennie Garth), who has been harboring major resentment for her mother pretty much her entire life. Last week, when Silver (Jessica Stroup) found her mother unconscious on her half-birthday, it looked like Kelly’s chances for reconciliation with her had run out. Luckily for Kelly, Jackie (Ann Gillespie) survived. In her weakened state, though, she wouldn’t last much longer. Silver worked hard to convince her half-sister that forgiving her mother was the right thing to do. Kelly wasn’t convinced. It wasn’t until she found Jackie’s room empty and thought Jackie had passed away when it really hit her. Silver then informed her that Jackie was still alive, but had been moved to a private room.


Jennie Garth’s performance in this week’s episode reached staggering levels. It was so subtle and shaded that even my cold, black heart felt for her as she fell to the ground when she thought Jackie had passed and later in a bedside scene in which Jackie apologized for being such an awful mother to her. It culminated in a heart-wrenching scene in which Silver and Kelly sat at their mother’s side as she took her last breath. I know that many fans of the original “Beverly Hills, 90210” had mixed feelings about Jackie’s death. How do you all feel about the way it was handled? I would really love to know.
Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) showed some major growth this week.

She came clean with Jamie about why she was dating his roommate, Richard. It, of course, occurred right after they were caught making out by Richard and his mom, the dean of admissions at West Bev’s most coveted university, California U., and the reason she was dating Richard to begin with. I guess it was growth nonetheless. The funny part was when Jamie didn’t take her confession very well and broke up with her. Where does this dude come off with the moral superiority? Didn’t he steal Naomi from his own roommate? Later, she also came clean with Richard and apologized. When Jamie heard what she did, he decided to take her back. The only problem is she didn’t want to be taken back. An earlier run-in with Liam (Matt Lanter) rekindled her feelings for him. I actually hope they get back together. They’d make a gorgeous couple. I should have deeper reasons for wanting them together, but that’s really my only reason. Call me shallow. I can take it.

After Navid (Michael Steger) informed Naomi of his suspicions that Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes) was back on drugs, Naomi confronted her. She, of course, denied it. Later, Ade confronted Navid about telling Naomi. It wasn’t pretty. Ade pretty much played dirty saying Navid was just angry that she had moved on. Harsh, Ade. Later, Naomi went to Ade’s place, so she can discuss her boy dramas. Instead, she caught Ade red-handed with the pills. The new truthful Naomi wasn’t happy that Ade had lied to her, yet again, about abusing drugs. Instead of staying to work it out, Naomi left Ade alone with her pills.

Meanwhile, Annie (Shenae Grimes) is bouncing around the house for a change and her parents notice. She then fills them in on her new boyfriend – crazy, greasy Jasper (Zach Sherman) – and makes plans to bring him to dinner the next night. Little did they know that he spent the previous night over and was leaving a grease stain on Annie’s bed as they spoke. The next day, Dixon refuses to stay for the dinner with Jasper. After Annie angers him when she makes a reference to Sasha’s, um, advanced age, he lets it rip that Jasper is a drug dealer and leaves. That makes for an uncomfortable dinner, especially after Annie lets him know that her parents now know about the “rumor” that Navid was spreading about Jasper’s drug dealing. Of course, he tries his best to win them over, but the Wilsons aren’t convinced. Of course not! Jasper is creepy. Also, couldn’t he have washed his hair before he came over to meet his girlfriend’s parents for the first time? In my opinion, it doesn’t matter whether they heard about the drug dealing or not. As if Jasper could win any mom over. Annie, you should have just kept him to yourself.

Later, Annie’s parents ask her not to see Jasper anymore. Big surprise. After she lets Jasper know, he goes nuts. Then, just as this week’s show ends, we see Jasper waiting for Navid at school. Just as Navid passes him, Jasper shoves him into the wall and Navid falls onto the stairs and tumbles down. The last we see of him, he’s unconscious on the floor. Maybe Jasper and hit-and-run Annie are perfect for each other. His and hers jail cells?

Oh, and in this week’s boring newsflash: Ryan (Ryan Eggold) takes Jen (Sara Foster) camping where even she comes clean about her pending divorce. Yawn. The Ryan-Jen storyline so doesn’t compare to Jackie’s death and Jasper’s attack on Navid. Shoot, even the surf team’s outrageous musings on how they’re going to help Liam get revenge on Jen is more interesting than the Ryan-Jen storyline. I can’t wait to see what they come up with!

Next week: Repeat episode, but check in here anyway. I’ll have something to quell the trembles.
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Photos, from top: Jennie Garth (on left) as Kelly Taylor and Jessica Stroup as Erin Silver. Credit: Michael Desmond / The CW; Zach Sherman as Jasper and Shenae Grines as Annie Wilson. Credit: Patrick Wymore / The CW

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