‘The Biggest Loser’: America’s vote pays off


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America, good call.

In a season that was often marketed by game play, double-crossing and perhaps too much risk taking with the contestants’ health, the last vote was all about sportsmanship. Allen and Liz fell below the yellow line at this week’s weigh-in, the last one before the contestants went home until the finale. Amanda -- who earned a place in this season of second chances by viewers at home who voted her in -- was the swing vote. On paper, it was a no-brainer. Liz once voted for Amanda to go home earlier in the season, but Amanda managed to survive. Moreover, Liz is more of a threat than Allen, who doesn’t have that much more weight to lose.

It was all but a foregone conclusion that Amanda would send Liz home and keep Allen around.


But she did the exact opposite. In what might be a ‘Biggest Loser’ first -- not sure anyone is keeping stats on this -- Amanda voted to allow Liz into the final four along with Rudy and Danny precisely because Liz was a threat.


Amanda explained:

‘I became really close with Liz, and from one woman to another, I feel like I want to support her in this and I like a challenge. And if she has the possiblity of beating me, then I need that to push a little harder.’ Then, she turned to Liz and said, ‘I want you by my side.’

That was good news for those who have been cheering on the little grandmother who could: Liz, at 49, is kicking butt and taking names.

So it was Allen’s turn to go home, but it seems unlikely that he ever had a chance to win this. He has so far lost more than 100 pounds and doesn’t really have that much more to lose. Danny lost the most weight this week -- and set a record for double-digit weight loss seven weeks in a row. His prize is getting personalized cooking instructions from Aussie Chef Curtis Stone. That will come in handy as he makes a run for the title.

Rudy also set a record — losing 146 pounds in 11 weeks, more than any other contestant. To celebrate he hoisted both Bob and Jillian in his arms. At the same time.

Are you planning on tuning in to tonight’s ‘Where Are They Now?’ special, a look back at contestants from past seasons? Any guesses as to whom the past winner is who gained all the weight back?

More important: What did you think of this New York Times story? Is this show a death waiting to happen?

— Rene Lynch