‘The Biggest Loser’: More questions than answers

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Jillian called it.

As if on cue, Migdalia stormed out of the gym as Jillian was trying to rough her up. In this case, it was predicting that Migdalia’s daughter will also suffer with her weight unless her mother makes a change and starts to deal with her own negative emotions.

I had to reach for the Ti-Vo to watch the whole implosion a second time -- interesting how Migdalia relayed that conversation to her mother, Miggy. Surely mother and daugher were watching tonight’s episode: Does Miggy feel like Jillian was blaming her, as Migdalia had implied? Momma bear wisely sidestepped the controversy, however, and urged Migdalia to
get the help she needs from Bob and Jillian.

Let’s hope it happens because that is one angry woman. What I want to know: What, exactly, is she so angry about?

There were several highlights this week -- a temptation decided by a 10-calorie ‘binge,’ student-teacher week, plenty of bleeped-out cussing, a pink team that regretted their game-playing, and a tasty-looking recipe for chicken cacciatore.

But mostly, there were many questions that need answers, including:


-- Did Jillian cross the line? Was it wrong for her to bring up Migdalia’s child into it, or was Jillian’s take-no-prisoner’s approach justified?

-- What do you think about the product-placement moments? The Walgreens ice band, the Muir Glenn tomatoes, the Know Your Number commercials. Are they annoying? Or do you like knowing more about the products being used at the ranch?

-- Did you catch the sparkly prince-charming music playing when Aussie chef Curtis Stone turned around to greet the competitors?

--What did you think about the challenge? Usually, they involve crazy physical feats. Not so this one. I liked it. It was different and allowed everyone to compete equally. But with that out of the way, I’m ready for more insanity.

-- One downside to this week’s challenge: It will now be at least one more week before we find out how mentally tough Miggy really is. So far, that woman seems battle-scarred and as tough as nails..

-- Is Michael slacking off? Or did the camera happen to just catch him when he was goofing around. ‘It’s time to work,’ Koli admonished him. Granted, Michael lost 10 pounds, but shouldn’t he have lost more, given his beginning size? Regardless, it wasn’t enough to keep him and his mother safe, and they fell below the yellow line, and she ended up being bounced from the house.

But all this is a warmup to the most important question of the week:

-- Did Melissa throw another weigh-in?

‘We did it, baby!’ she said to her husband, Lance, when he lost 12 pounds, enough to keep the two of them safe from elimination. But she only lost 1 pound. (And last week, she gained a pound.) Both Bob and Jillian said that was impossible unless she was pulling some funny business. Melissa took offense, and did you see how Lance snatched his red shirt back from Bob for questioning Melissa’s integrity? There’s no way that she’s been at the ranch for two weeks and just lost 1 pound. But what game is she playing? If the goal is to lose as much weight as possible, this doesn’t seem to be moving Melissa in the right direction.

-- Rene Lynch