Conan Twitter Tracker: Freckles, a monkey and a Sharpie join the fray


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Show Tracker is very embarrassed. We know that monitoring an 8.8 quake and possible tsunamis is no excuse to neglect our Conan Twitter Tracking. We acknowledge we have missed important developments, and we are sorry.

But now that we are focused again on our No. 1 priority, we can tell you that the plot thickens. Conan’s freckles are now tweeting. In response to a post Friday about Conan’s beard tweeting and only having 25 followers, Conan’s freckles posted a revealing comment on Show Tracker: ’25 followers? I’d kill for 25 followers. And I’M the one who’s sending secret connect-the-dots messages to the Chosen One (a.k.a. Coco/ Conan/ Man Who Makes Out With Dolphins). I deserve better. But hey, man, it’s hard out there for a freckle.’


Coco’s monkey, MoCo, and his Sharpie also are tweeting. ‘Not easy being @ConanOBrien ‘s favorite marker. I’ve got 15 pages of permanent ink left in me and trying to limit my comments to 140 charac,’ the Sharpie wrote. ‘Liza just handed me a diaper ... I’m not sure why!’ the Monkey tweeted.

Conan’s beard remains the most industrious of the six tweeters. (Remember, there is a Squirrel too). It also seems to appreciate Show Tracker’s attention: ‘I’m famous!’ it tweeted, adding a link to the post in which we first told you of its existence.

But in a sign that this could all be over soon, Conan just tweeted: ‘This is only my 5th tweet and I’m already exhausted. My God, how does Ashton do it?’

The Squirrel didn’t miss a beat: ‘Ashton’s squirrel just Direct Messaged me. He’s kinda a tool.’

The freckles were more supportive: ‘Ashton may have you on the stamina thing, but you kick his ... in the total freckles body coverage thing. Never forget that.’

Here’s how they’re all sizing up in the follower countdown:

Conan 442,296
Squirrel 1,191
Beard 144
Monkey 51
Freckles 14
Sharpie 10
-- Maria Elena Fernandez (follow me on Twitter @writerchica)



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