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The “90210” gang is back from break and it’s time to get back to class: Romance 101 and Intro to Betrayal are back in session.

Don’t you love that in the show they’ve been away for two weeks, but for us fans it has been months? Three excruciating months!


Adrianna and Gia
Well, it happened: The big lesbian kiss everyone has been making such a big deal about. Basically, it was a “fake” kiss in that Ade (Jessica Lowndes) was trying to make Gia’s ex-girlfriend jealous. She was paying Gia (Rumer Willis) back for helping her when she was freaking out earlier in the night. I need to rewind.

Ade and Gia bonded after they discovered that they’re both in Alcoholics Anonymous. Ade had been feeling like the outcast from the group, especially when she went to a party and Naomi accidentally gave her a drink that had rum in it. It was a dumb mistake, but Ade is dealing with her addiction. It understandably threw her for a loop and Gia was there to catch her in her very strong, almost manly arms. I’m kidding.

I have a little bonus interview with Lowndes at the bottom of this post about the kiss and where her character’s relationship with Gia is going. Don’t say I never gave you anything!
Dixon, Silver and Teddy
If you read this column at all, you’ll know I am not Dixon’s biggest fan. I find many things that he does terribly selfish. This whole love triangle with Teddy and Silver is wrought with horrible Dixon moves. Before the hiatus, he failed to tell Silver that the girl in red with Teddy was his sister. He did that because Teddy had expressed that he was falling for her and suddenly (after treating her badly this whole season) Dixon’s into her again, too.

In this week’s episode, Silver let Dixon know that she thought the kiss was a mistake. He then played it off as if he thought so, too. Later at P.E., though, he told a very angry Teddy that things were warming up between him and Silver.

Lies! Oh, Dixon.

In turn, when Silver went to talk to Teddy about the kiss and set everything straight, he bowed out and threw himself under the bus. I don’t blame him. After what Dixon told him, what guy would want to put himself out there when he knew the girl wasn’t into it? Oh, yeah, Dixon would.

Naomi and Liam
Naomi and Liam are finally an item after all the Jen stuff got out before the big hiatus and they start this episode like honeymooners. I actually loved the fact that when they finally had a proper date, it was awkward. He’s very sporty. She’s very girly. During the date, their differences showed. One thing they have between them is chemistry, though. How long will that last? The recent news that surf girl Ivy (Gillian Zinser) will be a series regular should factor in on that storyline. She has a thing for Liam and I don’t see that going away anytime soon. Plus, she has the sporty side that Naomi lacks.

Annie and Jasper
I knew it wouldn’t be easy to get rid of greasy Jasper. Now, he’s basically blackmailing Annie to stay with him with the threat that he’ll tell the police that she ran over his uncle.

I’ve been racking my brain to figure out how he knows that Annie killed his uncle. I’m pretty sure that the fact that she couldn’t keep herself from crying whenever his uncle was mentioned made him suspicious in the beginning. This week’s episode gave me another clue. He said that if he told the police, they would find her Internet history and know she had a crazy interest in his uncle’s death. I’m thinking he was playing with her computer one of those nights he was hiding in her room and found her Internet history. What do you think?

At any rate, their relationship is abusive and I’m hoping Annie finds a way out soon.

Navid and Jasper
I love how Dixon and Liam reacted when they saw Navid with the bag of coke. They thought he was on drugs! Come on, it’s Navid! He intended to plant the drugs in Jasper’s locker and nark on him. While Dixon thought the plan was ludicrous and said no when Navid asked him to get the school’s locker combinations from his dad’s office, he changed his mind after he found out Annie and Jasper were still together. After a very close call, Dixon got the combinations and everything should have gone as planned, right? Nope. Somehow, Jasper figured it out. Maybe it was Navid’s hearty hello and big grin that tipped Jasper off that something was up. You think? When Harry started doing his locker searches, Jasper’s locker was clean, but Navid’s wasn’t!

I’m not sure how Navid is going to get out of this one. Sure, he probably has a clean record, but it’ll be hard to get off scot-free for this one. Plus, we all know what an egomaniac Harry is. With the entire school watching, I can’t imagine he could let Navid off with a slap on the hand. Poor Navid.

Harry watch
With the news that Rob Estes will be leaving the show (which is OK with me because I was over his midlife crisis storyline), I’m looking for any signs as to how they’re going to write him out. This week Debbie actually cleared the air with Kelly and they went to yoga together. The teacher was way into Debbie and she definitely liked the attention. Do you think she’s going to have an affair and he’s going to leave her? Oh, writing him out of the show is going to be good.
Here’s the video of Jessica Lowndes I mentioned. Enjoy!

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Photos, from top: Jessica Lowndes as Adrianna Tate-Duncan and Rumer Willis as Gia on “90210.”; Tristan Wilds as Dixon Wilson and Jessica Stroup as Erin Silver on “90210.” Credit: Patrick Wymore / The CW