‘90210’: Adrianna is a little gay and Naomi is a big liar

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In this episode of “90210,” some characters make some breakthroughs in their relationships while others get closer to breakups.

I thought the writing in this episode was touching and nuanced in several parts, so I want to recognize the script’s writer, Tod Himmel, before I continue on.


Adrianna is hot for Gia
After Gia’s confession that she had a crush on her, Ade avoided her. That’s to be expected. It’s strange (although a bit of an ego boost) to be friends with someone that’s attracted to you. But Gia decides to confront her and they try being friends again. That gets strange for Ade, though, when she starts to feel an attraction for Gia.
I really have to commend the writers on this storyline. It felt very organic and sweet. I loved when Ade told Silver and Naomi. There was no real judging of her feelings – just the OK to explore them. There was also a lot of impressive discussion of the fluidity of sexuality. Later, when the girls kissed, now that was kind of strange. It didn’t quite feel as intimate to me as it should have. I think that had more to do with the actresses than the writing, though.

Naomi is hot for teacher
Naomi is hot as in angry, by the way. Last week, we saw that Navid wasn’t too happy about Naomi’s new gossip segment on the Blaze. This week, he found an ally in the TV station’s new faculty advisor, Mr. Cannon (guest star Hal Ozban). After he and Naomi butted heads at his first meeting, Cannon kicked Naomi out of the class. Unable to rouse the girls into supporting her against Cannon, Naomi makes up a small lie. She says that he told her she can return to the club if she had sex with him. Of course, that got the girls’ blood boiling. Later, the girls mention it in front of Liam and it’s clear Naomi’s little lie is going to get out of control.
Nothing Naomi does seems to surprise me. She’s the typical self-centered poor little rich girl, which is awesome. Don’t get me wrong. There are also moments when she breaks through that, but this isn’t one of them. I’m hoping that in the next episode she comes to her senses and stops the madness. I don’t think she’ll let Mr. Cannon get fired, but something tells me she’ll take it to the edge.

Silver and Teddy get real
Maybe the biggest non-news of the episode was that Teddy and Silver decided to give it another go. At first, his major problem was her jealousy. She told him she was over it until he spent the night partying with an old girlfriend. At that point, she really couldn’t pretend any longer.

The big twist, which I thought was more excellent writing, was that Teddy admitted that Silver probably has reason to he jealous. He has never been faithful to any of his girlfriends. Here’s the kicker: He likes Silver so much that he wanted to save her from the possibility of being hurt by his philandering (which, just to be clear, hasn’t happened). He explained that his father has had four wives and has never been faithful to any of them. So, he fears that he’s just like his dad.

I have to say that I find this relationship way more interesting when they’re together, then the drama of being broken up. I hope they stay together for a while.

Annie and Jasper take their drama to new heights
Annie has been doing a good job of staying away from creepy Jasper. He’s like this cockroach, though, that won’t die. He never goes away and he shows up at the most inopportune times. After she tells him several times to leave her alone, Annie gets a call from him threatening to kill himself. In the last few minutes of the episode, we see him on the edge of a cliff or something. Is it awful that I started yelling jump? Why do I get the feeling that this may be another of his tricks and when the camera pulls away from him in the next episode, he’s nowhere near a cliff?

And, by the way, what’s going on with Liam and Annie? Is anyone seeing something developing between them? I don’t think it’s a love connection, but they have to be careful about what Naomi thinks it is.

He offered her a ride when she missed the school bus (don’t forget that Jasper admitted to stealing her car to “help” her hide the evidence of the hit-and-run). Together, they saw Liam’s stepfather kissing a woman who wasn’t his mom. So, Annie is worried about him. I think she needs to cease and desist. She’s friends with Naomi again, but we all know what happens when Naomi thinks you’re after her man (especially considering that they just ended their feud after last season’s prom-gate).

Harry watch
Dixon’s birth mother Dana’s visit is coming to an end. He, of course, goes through a typically immature Dixon moment and stands her up on their last night together. They make good when he confesses his abandonment issues and she leaves him a wad of cash from her recent online betting win.

She doesn’t leave, though, without dropping a little nugget for Debbie also. After Dixon stood her up, she sees Debbie and her yoga trainer, Kai (“General Hospital’s” Greg Vaughan) kiss. She drives away before seeing Debbie get up and walk away in a huff. But, here again, was a great moment in writing. When you think Dana is going to lower the boom on Debbie, she instead tells her that maybe she shouldn’t tell Harry. When Debbie basically tells her it’s none of her business, she calmly reminds her that since Dixon is involved it is her business. Boom!

Needless to say, I still believe Harry is leaving Debbie, and that’s how he’ll exit the show.

What do you think about the direction the relationships took in this episode?

— Jethro Nededog (follow me on Twitter @TheRealJethro)

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