‘V’ and Sympathy: Previewing Tuesday’s episode


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Tonight’s episode of ‘V’ brings together two unstoppable forces of nature.

With only two episodes remaining before the end of the season, ABC’s sci-fi drama ‘V’ has been quietly building to an ultimate showdown between Visitor High Commander Anna (Morena Baccarin) and FBI Agent Erica Evans (Elizabeth Mitchell).

Representing the two sides of the Visitor-human conflict and the shadow war going on between the reptilian aliens and the Fifth Column determined to even the playing field, these two have yet to come face to face. Until now.


Here are four things to look forward to with tonight’s episode of ‘V.’ (Beware, minor spoilers abound.)

Anna and Erica face off. Tonight’s episode sees the two mothers square off as they meet each other for the first time. The scenes between Anna and Erica crackle with electricity; the two women don’t so much as regard each other as they do circle one another with the majesty and fury of mother lions. As for what brings them together, I’m not saying, but it plays off of last week’s final scene involving Anna and her daughter Lisa’s legs. Ouch.

Also look for a fantastic scene in which Baccarin’s Anna subtly echoes Erica’s body language and for a real moment of intense clarity between the two adversaries. The gloves are coming off, boys and girls.

Alliances are tested. A number of characters consider whether they’ve allied themselves with the right side in the war that’s about to get underway, from Visitor Lisa (Laura Vandervoort, appealingly vulnerable here) and mercenary Kyle Hobbes (surprisingly self-involved) to... someone you might not expect at all.

But rather than act as plot twists here, these moments are played with a real sense of soul-searching. What does it mean to turn your back on your people? If one of the Visitors’ main characteristics is cold logic, what does it mean when you embrace human emotion? Or turn your back on it? Can you still be considered a Visitor?

Threats are made. Anna announces that she intends to order the Visitors to leave Earth immediately after an incident seems to point towards the humans--particularly the Fifth Column--turning on the Visitors. But once again this seems to be another one of Anna’s elaborate plans to achieve long-term goals that are known only to her and her adviser Marcus.


But why stage an elaborate gesture to depart the planet? Well, that’s called garnering sympathy and Anna takes the passive-aggressive antics of an unwelcome visitor to a whole new level here. After all, haven’t the Visitors advanced the technology and society of the humans? They’re addicted. Cut them off and you risk withdrawal pains, now don’t you? Always a canny one, that Anna.

An unexpected twist. While the Visitors seem to be in control and have long had the upper hand in their battle with the humans, tonight’s episode points towards a turning point for both the Fifth Column and the human race itself. There’s something that Anna has been aware of for quite some time, something that poses a threat to her own plans and the Visitors’ long-term placement on the planet. Just what that thing might be is I don’t want to give away, but I will say that it sheds some light on why Anna was so keen to frame mercenary terrorist Kyle Hobbes earlier this season...

What have you thought of ‘V’ so far this season? What are you hoping will happen in tonight’s installment? Do you want to see ‘V’ return for a second season? Head to the comments section to discuss.

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