Late Night: Jon Stewart: Republicans don’t like most Americans


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On Tuesday night’s episode of ‘The Daily Show,’ Jon Stewart took aim at Republicans who claim that the growing ‘Occupy’ movement is a divisive phenomenon that pits Americans against other Americans.

Stewart kicked off the segment with a montage of conservatives rallying their base with bellicose rhetoric: ‘Take our country back!’, ‘Get your musket!’ and so on. He followed it with a series of clips in which some of the very same Republicans expressed their dismay over the Occupy Wall Street protests.


Most notable was House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.), who expressed his increasing concern over the ‘growing mobs occupying Wall Street’ and characterized the protests as class warfare. ‘Believe it or not, some in this town have condoned the pitting of Americans against Americans,’ he said.

Stewart seized upon Cantor’s apparent inconsistency. ‘If Republicans don’t condone pitting Americans against Americans, then who is it that we Americans should be taking this country back from?’ he wondered.

Cue another montage of Republicans enumerating their many, many enemies: liberals, Hollywood, Planned Parenthood, labor unions, ‘tenured professors who can flunk you for being too openly conservative,’ federal employees, people who support tax increases on the wealthiest Americans.

Stewart suggested that, not coincidentally, the list of America’s enemies was more or less a list of people who don’t vote Republican. ‘It must be tough to love America so much but hate almost three-quarters of the people living in it,’ he concluded.

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-- Meredith Blake