Late Night: Jon Stewart on Herman Cain’s sexual-harassment woes

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On Monday’s episode of ‘The Daily Show,’ Jon Stewart devoted a segment to the big political news of the day: Allegations of sexual harassment against GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain.

Stewart began by (sort of) defending Cain, the former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, arguing that ‘there is very little in the pizza world that is not sexually suggestive.’ Putting on his best Noo Yawk accent, Stewart offered up a few pizza-related double entendres: ‘Hey, hey, you want sausage on your pie?’ and ‘Hey, hey, hey, want me to stuff your crust?’


However, Stewart did find some fault with Cain’s method of denial in the matter involving two female employees of the National Restaurant Assn. He rolled a clip in which a Fox News anchor asked Cain if he’d ever paid off anyone who’d accused him of sexual harassment. ‘At the restaurant association,’ he replied. ‘Now outside the restaurant association, absolutely not.’

‘You can’t just go ‘Well, other than that, no,’' Stewart said. He drew an analogy: ‘Have you ever kidnapped a baby? Well, other than the Lindbergh boy, no.’

But Cain wasn’t the only Republican who dealing with embarrassment this weekend. Stewart played clips from a bizarre speech Rick Perry gave Friday night in New Hampshire, in which he praised the state’s motto (‘Live free or die! Victory or death! Bring it!’) and made inexplicable off-color jokes about ‘expanding your tax footprint, if you know what I mean.’

‘Best-case scenario, that dude’s hammered,’ Stewart said. ‘Worst-case scenario, that is Perry sober, and every time we’ve seen him previously, he’s been hammered.’

Whatever the truth may be, the circus-like events of the weekend were good for one at least one Republican candidate. As Stewart concluded, ‘Ladies and gentleman, Mitt Romney is the luckiest [guy] on Earth.’


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-- Meredith Blake