‘Glee’ recap: All that glitters in ‘Pot o’ Gold’


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Playing Irish exchange student Rory Flanagan, whom Brittany has mistaken for a leprechaun, ‘Glee Project’ winner Damian McGinty’s glinty smile and twinkly green eyes brought some much-needed brightness and cheer to a rather dark episode of ‘Glee’ Tuesday night.

‘Pot o’ Gold’ proved an ironic name for a show with plot lines that included baby-snatching, the threat of a ‘double-dip into a piping hot Crock Pot of voter fury,’ American xenophobia, and disloyalty and defections within the ranks of New Directions. And watching Blaine and the gang dance around to Katy Perry’s fluffy ‘Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)’ could only go so far to boost the mood.


Which is not to say that the episode did not feature some nougat-y morsels to chew on, as we might on Lord Tubbington’s ‘crispy and delicious’ candy-bar poops (ew!).

Here are some choice nuggets from ‘Pot o’ Gold’:

Damian McGinty’s golden pipes: The members of the New Directions crew weren’t the only ones who were blown away by his take on Teddy Thompson’s ‘Take Care of Yourself.’ And his sad and solemn ‘Bein’ Green’ might have made even Kermit green with envy. And McGinty’s brogue, which could be hard to understand, brought some unintended humor to the proceedings. At first, I thought he cited our ‘hot black president,’ along with NASCAR and the Victoria’s Secret catalog, as something he loved about America. It was only later that I realized he’d said ‘half-black.’ Ha.

Burt Hummel’s congressional run: Speaking of our hot black president, am I the only one who has suddenly noticed the physical resemblance Kurt’s dad bears to Joe the Plumber, the man who became a talking point in the 2008 presidential campaign and who is now running for Congress in Ohio? It might just be because Burt, having saved the high school musical, is now also running for Congress. He’s launched a write-in campaign against Sue, trying to rouse the voters as a blue-collar guy standing up for the arts, crediting the glee club with saving Kurt’s life. And if he wins? The running of the car shop will be passed along to … stepson Finn. Hmmm. Interesting.

Brittany and Santana, making it official: Out to dinner at Breadsticks, Santana asks what Brittany’s intentions are. ‘Isn’t this a date?’ Brittany responds. ‘Aren’t you paying? Because I ordered shrimp.’ Then Brittany makes Santana’s dreams come true by holding hands (under a napkin). Awww.

Puck softens up: We’ve been seeing Puck warm up to baby Beth this season, and here he sings her a really sweet version of Foreigner’s ‘Waiting for a Girl Like You.’ But now we see him warm up to her mother, Shelby, as well. Thank goodness he saves Shelby from Quinn’s creepy machinations to get Beth back. (The Quinn story line this season is really just way too out there.) But I don’t know about that Puck-Shelby kiss. He’s a student; she’s a teacher. I smell trouble, and I don’t think it’s coming from baby Beth’s diaper …

Mercedes, Santana, Brittany sing! And while we’re on the subject of trouble, Santana and Brittany make their break from New Directions to join Mercedes -- and the vocally challenged Sugar Motta -- in Shelby’s all-girl show choir, now named the Troubletones. Their Andrews Sisters-channeling, bring-down-the-house version of Christina Aguilera’s ‘Candyman’ has New Directions worried. But it sure sounds sweet to the rest of us.

The show also featured some great lines, lots of Brittanyisms about Lord Tubbington and some sizzling putdowns from Sue. (Love how Sue took a swipe at Will for taking the club to New York to compete ‘without a set list only to lose at nationals with a song they’d only made up the night before’ -- ouch!) But my favorite throwaway line may have been from the crematory owner who was touting his ‘delicious, brick-oven pizzas.’ Makes me laugh all over again just thinking about it.


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-- Amy Reiter