‘Biggest Loser’: Sunny won’t take the bait, cheers on John

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Was that the dumbest move ever? Or a brilliant maneuver by John to keep the pressure on? It seemed all but certain that John would take the opportunity to send Antone packing, when instead he voted to keep him around. But there’s one person who wasn’t surprised by the maneuver.


Her elimination Tuesday night, when she was soooooo close to the final four, came at the hands of one of her closest friends at the ranch, Becky, as well as her nemesis: John.

John has had it in for Sunny almost since Day 1, when he questioned her smarts (she’s a teacher!) and she called him out on it. Since then, he has seemingly taken every possible chance to smack her in the teeth in a bid to eliminate her. Speaking during Wednesday’s media conference call with the eliminated player, Sunny said she has no idea why he felt so strongly toward her.

‘From that day forward,’ she said, referring to the confrontation in which she stood up for herself and put John in his place, ‘he was not very happy with me .... I don’t know exactly where the animosity came from.’


We couldn’t resist asking Sunny whether she was gleeful about Bob’s prediction, that John could end up gaining all the weight back because he has been so focused on winning instead of transforming.

But, Sunny being sunny, she did not bite. She said she wouldn’t offer up any predictions about success for John or anyone else, and said that she just wants to stay focused on keeping her own weight off. And then, Sunny being sunny, she added: ‘He’s worked hard and done well, so I commend him for that.’


To be sure, it was a difficult choice, Sunny or Antone -- both have winning demeanors, both are fierce competitors. And, of course, Sunny put herself in harm’s way when she only lost 1 pound during makeover week while everyone else managed to post significant numbers despite all the hair-doo-ing and clothes shopping. Becky explained her vote as giving Sunny the chance to win the $100,000 at-home prize. But John said he voted for Sunny because he wants to keep Antone around, and keep the pressure on himself to continue losing weight in the race for the finish-line and the $250,000 pay day.

What do you think about John’s move? Smart? Not? Of course, it’s always important to remember that it’s not always the big guys who win -- they always seemingly hold the position as frontrunner because they dominate in the challenges. But it’s the percentage of weight loss that counts in the end. Does that give an edge to Becky? We’ll soon see!

As for Sunny, she noted that all the different ages are represented in the finale. ‘You can see the accomplishments of all the age groups,’ she said. ‘Age truly is just a number.’

She said she is exhausted by her decision to go back to work in the classroom, above, while continuing to train hard for the finale. She said she’ll let up -- just a bit -- when it is all over. ‘It is tough to get up and it’s dark outside and it’s cold,’ she said. ‘It’s not easy .... Fitting it all in and working full time and taking care of family and home.’

But you just gotta get ‘er done.

What did you think about the makeovers? First off, I want to know: Where was Tim Gunn? Jeannie Mai is as cute as a button (although, I wonder if she still agrees with those skinny sailor pants after watching herself on TV), but even she would admit she is no Fairy Godfather!

Still, everyone looked great and it was swell to see them interacting with their other halves. Although I felt oddly put off by John’s meet-up with the missus. I always feel like he is playing for the cameras. Everyone has been pounding him to be more open and real. He’s clearly not used to doing that. Maybe he’s just doing his best? I just had a vision of him trying to play the role of Bob and Dolvett when he gets home and is alone with his wife....and it didn’t end well. But what do you think? Am I being too hard on him?

Did anyone else catch the high-fiving Vinny kept doing with Ali? I thought he was going to rip her arm out of her socket, but Ali is a sport. (And while I suspect she rolls out of bed looking good I think she looked exceptional on the red carpet. Mai’s work?)


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