Ryan Murphy discusses the future of ‘American Horror Story’

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If you watched Wednesday’s first-season finale of ‘American Horror Story,’ which the network said brought in 3.22 million viewers, you’re probably wondering what’s in store for Season 2 — especially considering how things ended for the Harmon family and their supporting characters.

Well, stop thinking of the possibilities. It’ll all start fresh.


‘Next year on the show — every season of the show — will be a different haunting,’ series creator and executive producer Ryan Murphy said, speaking to press Thursday about the finale. It will also bring a different home (or building) to haunt. A new set of characters, too. And, just as the debut demonstrated, each subsequent season will have a beginning, middle and end.

But if you’ve grown particularly attached to Constance’s Southern charm or Dylan McDermott’s bare body parts, there is a small glimmer of hope.

‘Some of them will come back,’ Murphy said. ‘I’m in talks with several of them. There will be familiar faces ... but they will be playing completely different characters and creatures and monsters.’ While Murphy wouldn’t reveal who might be returning, he said more details on the cast and storyline are likely to come in February.

He went on to add the idea of an ‘anthology’ show was the scheme from the beginning: ‘It’s an interesting way to tell a horror show,’ he said.

As for the true crime aspect of the show, it’s not going anywhere, Murphy assured.

‘I’m really interested in serial killing stories or true crime stories or prison stories, so that’s the thing,’ he said. One creature you’re not likely to see, though, is quite popular these days.

‘I wouldn’t do a season about vampires,’ Murphy said. ‘But everything else is fair game. What we’re planning now is very different from the California house approach.’

How things came to a close for that California house and its inhabitants in the finale has drawn polarizing reactions. And Murphy, who waxed briefly on what he views as the recent fascination with finales, isn’t too worried that he’s alienated viewers by doing away with characters they’ve journeyed with for a season.

‘I didn’t think about that,’ he said. ‘I love those characters, and I sort of mourned them. I will miss them. But I think as you see in the second season, some of them will be returning. Aspects of the show, mysteries and love stories will all be there in the second season, albeit with new actors and characters.’

But, hey, for sanity’s sake: Why didn’t Vivian (Connie Britton), after all her talk about wanting Ben (Dylan McDermott) to leave the house and make a life with the baby, not save/warn him before his hanging? Was it simply a matter of not being able to appear in time?

‘I don’t know,’ Murphy said. ‘There are no rules in the ghost world. I think she was probably in the bathroom curling her hair.’


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