Late Night: Bill O’Reilly reluctantly fist bumps David Letterman

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Any time Bill O’Reilly visits ‘The Late Show,’ it’s pretty much guaranteed to get testy. While David Letterman is first and foremost a comedian, he’s also fairly outspoken when it comes to politics, and he’s certainly not afraid of grilling his guests. And, well, we all know O’Reilly is hardly a shrinking violet, either.

On Wednesday night, Letterman welcomed O’Reilly then jumped right into the fray, asking O’Reilly about his feelings about the Iraq war and the death of Osama bin Laden. O’Reilly admitted that, ‘in hindsight, absolutely we should have done that Iraq thing in a different way,’ even going so far as to say, ‘I really wish that didn’t happen.’


But he stopped just short of agreeing with Letterman’s suggestion that the war had delayed the quest for Bin Laden.

‘At some point George W. Bush said, ‘I don’t really think about Osama bin Laden anymore,’ ‘ Letterman argued. At first, O’Reilly claimed Bush had never said such a thing, but Letterman stuck to his guns. ‘We got it on video,’ he said.

‘All right,’ O’Reilly finally conceded, throwing his hands up in the air.

‘So we’re together so far. Get in here,’ Letterman said, extending his fist in a gesture of goodwill. O’Reilly wouldn’t budge, so Letterman grabbed his guest’s limp hand and bumped it.

Later in the interview, Letterman also asked why President Obama doesn’t get more credit for what he’s accomplished. O’Reilly gave Obama high marks for his handling of foreign policy and for saving the auto industry, but he said that the economy as a whole was still suffering. As for the election, O’Reilly predicted the outcome will come down to the three head-to-head debates.


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