Christopher Daniels has all the answers in advance of WrestleReunion


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Pro wrestler and Antelope Valley resident Christopher Daniels, perhaps best known as ‘Fallen Angel’ or ‘Curry Man’ or maybe just Daniels, is back in town for this weekend’s WrestleReunion event this weekend in Los Angeles.

Daniels was gracious enough to answer a few questions in the days leading up to his match where he defends his ROH world television title against Mark Briscoe on Friday night at 8 p.m. at the LAX Hilton.


Q: OK, this is a sports site, so let’s ask a sports question first: Your favorite sport, team and athlete?

Daniels: Well, honestly, I don’t follow sports that much, so I don’t really have a team or athlete that I ‘support’. The closest I ever came to that was rooting for the Detroit Lions because I was born in Kalamazoo, MI. I grew up in Fayetteville, NC, during a time where there was no NFL or NBA team in the area, so there was no ‘hometown fave’ to get behind. Every once and again I would watch NCAA basketball when the ACC was represented, either by UNC or Duke, but that’s about it.

Q: You spent some time with WCW near the end of their collapse. What did you take away from that experience?

Daniels: Well, I never got the opportunity to make a name for myself when I was there, but I did travel with them for about 8 months, and that’s where I made a lot of friends, most notably Lance Storm. Also I got to meet and become friends with Jeremy Borash and Bob Ryder when I was there, which went a long way towards me getting into TNA when they opened their doors.

Q: Curry Man, Suicide, Fallen Angel. Which persona do you prefer?

Daniels: I’ve had a lot of fun doing all three, but honestly I enjoy being myself. There’s a lot of extra work involved in working under a mask, and besides, why would I want to hide this handsome face?

Q: OK, fantasy booking time. You are headlining Wrestlemania 30. Who is your opponent?

Daniels: I think I’d want to work with Chris Jericho in that situation. I’ve always been a big fan of his in-ring work, as well as his character. I’ve always thought he was one of the best in combining his characterization with his workrate.

Q: You have a wife and two kids. How hard is it to be a dad and a traveling pro wrestler?

Daniels: The travel certainly wears on my family, but I’ve been very fortunate that my schedule has never gotten in the way of raising my family. I haven’t missed any big events yet (knock on wood), and I do get to spend a good amount of time with them during the week.

Q: Would you encourage your kids to become pro wrestlers if they wanted to do that?

Daniels: Well, I would definitely try to educate them as much as I could about the pros and cons of a career in this business, and try to explain the mistakes that I made so that they can avoid them. But my parents,despite worrying for my well-being, were very supportive of my career choice once I made it, and I would do the same for my children.

Q: Tell us a little about WrestleReunion this weekend.

Daniels: WrestleReunion is a great opportunity for wrestling fans of all ages to meet and interact with some of the greatest wrestling stars of the past, as well as see some of the best of the current stars in action. There will be autograph sessions, meet-and-greet opportunities, Q & A sessions, highlighted by the Ring of Honor card on Friday night and the Pro Wrestling Guerrilla card on Saturday. Wrestling fans in the LA area should go to for all the details

Word association. I’ll name a pro wrestling figure, you give me a two or three-word answer:

Eric Bischoff: Very character driven, approaches his work like a real actor

Kazarian: One of my best friends, and a great wrestler, who’s finally getting the opportunity to shine in TNA

AJ Styles: A great competitor, one who I would be lucky to be linked with in terms of great rivalries in pro wrestling, also one of my closest friends.

Samoa Joe: Another great friend to me, and someone who has changed the perception of pro wrestling with his unique offense and skills.

Kurt Angle: One of the greatest athletes I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. He sets a standard that may never be surpassed.

Sting: A real icon of wrestling. I grew up watching his early years, and was fortunate enough to get a chance to wrestle him during his long and storied career.

--Houston Mitchell