Alleged LulzSec chat posted online, features Rebecca Black ‘Friday’ parody


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A chat room log between people claiming to be members of the hacker group LulzSec was recently published online; it’s filled with talk of press coverage, bragging of successful attacks and lots of joking.

The document appears to have been posted by someone who partook in the chat -- someone who LulzSec said has been hacked for his insubordination.


‘Despite the fact that we’re laughing heartily right now, we do take care of our subcrew, and as such the person who leaked those logs (m_nerva) has been completely hacked inside and out,’ LulzSec said in a statement on the website PasteBin. ‘We have all his online accounts, all his personal information, all the illegal things he’s done on record. We destroyed him so hard that he sat there apologizing to us all night on IRC for what he did. His mother probably spanked him after we wrecked his home connection. Uh-oh, m_nerva!’

The hacker group said the chat room channel that the log details was not its ‘core channel’ where its main members would communicate. Rather, the group said it used the ‘#pure-elite’ channel to court possible backup members for future Web attacks.

‘Recently some of you may have seen ‘LulzSec exposed’ logs floating around,’ the group stated on PasteBin. ‘We’d like the time to say this: LOL. Those logs are primarily from a channel called #pure-elite, which is /not/ the LulzSec core chatting channel. #pure-elite is where we gather potential backup/subcrew research and development battle fleet members, i.e. we were using that channel only to recruit talent for side-operations.’

LulzSec said many of the individuals in the chat log are not involved with the group, but many others not denied by LulzSec took part in the chat log’s conversations.

The chat log, which is dated from May 31 to June 4, has members discussing LulzSec’s then-recent hack of PBS’ website:

Jun 01 02:49:38 <Topiary> speaking of, did you guys know WikiLeaks tweeted our PBS Tupac story?Jun 01 02:49:46 <storm> yesJun 01 02:49:48 <storm> i was aroundJun 01 02:49:49 <storm> :)


Later in the log, the chatters focus on LulzSec’s coverage in the media and its effect on the group’s Twitter popularity:

Jun 03 14:36:02 <joepie91> moaaarrrr publicityJun 03 14:36:45 <Sabu> oh boyyJun 03 14:38:57 <trollpoll> twitter account of lulzsec has more than 35.000 followers O_O... craziness...Jun 03 14:39:48 <trollpoll> is close to pass @sony :)

Despite LulzSec’s media coverage, the log stated that the group only raised $500 in donations from its website after attacking Fox, PBS and Sony:

Jun 04 17:14:14 <storm> we have 400+ in donationsJun 04 17:14:56 <pwnsauce> sheeeeetJun 04 17:15:09 <neuron> lol dammn what are we gonna do with it?...Jun 04 17:15:53 <pwnsauce> neuron - buy servers and botsJun 04 17:16:27 <Topiary> already sent kayla money for bots, sending Sabu money for servers when he wants itJun 04 17:16:30 <Topiary> we have 500USD in donations

The group, which is known for rewriting songs into LulzSec-themed remixes, riffed on the YouTube sensation ‘Friday’ by Rebecca Black.

Jun 03 15:55:38 <joepie91> Seven a.m., waking up in the morning, Jun 03 15:55:38 <joepie91> Gotta get ready, gotta head downstairs Jun 03 15:55:38 <joepie91> Gotta have my hacks, gotta have my snacks Jun 03 15:55:38 <joepie91> Seein’ everything , the time is goin’ Jun 03 15:55:38 <joepie91> Tickin’ on and on, every’s hackin’ Jun 03 15:55:38 <joepie91> Gotta get into the database Jun 03 15:55:38 <joepie91> I hear a smash, I see the feds Jun 03 15:55:38 <joepie91> Kickin’ down the front door Jun 03 15:55:38 <joepie91> Smashin’ in the back door Jun 03 15:55:38 <joepie91> Gotta make my mind up, Jun 03 15:55:39 <joepie91> How can I escape? Jun 03 15:55:40 <joepie91> It’s Friday, Friday


The rest contains language that can’t be printed here.


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