Opinion: Barack Obama to meet unconditionally with dreaded ‘Fox News Sunday’!


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Sen. Barack Obama, who has promised as president to meet unconditionally with American enemies such as the heads of Venezuela and Iran, has finally agreed to sit down for an interview with even Chris Wallace on ‘Fox News Sunday.’

Actually, the session will be more like ‘Fox News Saturday’ since the Illinois senator will pre-tape the interview that day while campaigning in Marion, Ind.


Just as many conservatives view CNN as liberal-leaning, many Democrats see Fox News as a conservative enemy. Last fall, former presidential candidate John Edwards led a successful boycott of a party debate because it would have been broadcast on Fox.

According to Wallace, the ‘Fox News Sunday’ host, more than two years ago Obama promised to appear on his program. When, week after week, the Obama camp declined, blaming scheduling conflicts, as a promotional gimmick the program began a weekly Obama Countdown Clock, showing how long it had been since the promise.

Obama’s reluctance to appear on Fox has been the subject of numerous online discussions and comments, including here at The Ticket, where readers wondered how strong a president he would be if he was afraid to meet with an American TV anchor.

This Sunday the clock will stop at 772 days.

In a website story today, Fox News tried to credit....

its clock with finally forcing Obama to appear. The story quotes Wallace as saying, ‘It may have been obnoxious, but it was also effective.’

The fact is, the change in attitude may be more attributable to internal Obama political calculations about Pennsylvania’s voters, who gave Obama’s opponent, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, a nearly 10-point win Tuesday.

Despite differences with Fox, which include her husband, the ex-president, growing visibly livid under questioning by Wallace during one 2006 interview, Sen. Clinton has made a point of appearing on all the networks. She was last questioned by Wallace on Feb. 3.

And Tuesday she showed special strength among Pennsylvania’s more conservative Democrats and even attracted votes from numerous Republicans, the kind of people who might be expected to watch Fox News and perhaps give her credit for walking into the perceived enemy’s camp.

If Obama’s current delegate lead does eventually give him the nomination in August, he’ll need to do better in November among those so-called Reagan Democrats, who might be tempted to vote Republican this time for Sen. John McCain.

--Andrew Malcolm

Photo Credit: Fox News