Opinion: Hillary Clinton’s revealing purchase: A website called HRC2012


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Sometimes a website name is just a website name.

Maybe the move by a company that’s worked closely with the former first lady is just what it seems: yet another step by Hillary Rodham Clinton to prepare for another run for the Senate from New York in four years. Or another run for the White House. We won’t know, of course, for some time.

But that comes with the news, as reported in The Ticket early the other morning, that Clinton has urgently requested her 2008 general election supporters to approve transfer of their unusable donations for this year’s presidential race over to her 2012 Senate campaign.


(And then, potentially, into a new presidential campaign fund, as she did with $10 million of her surplus 2006 Senate campaign funds).

If this year’s donors don’t approve that transfer soon, Clinton must return the ’08 money by Aug. 28.

The respected blogger Marc Ambinder of is reporting tonight that a company associated with Clinton’s top advance team leaders, the Markham Group, purchased that domain name on June 8.

June 8th? Why does that ring a bell? Why, that’s the very next day after her ‘I-give-up-and-heartily-support Obama’ speech where her family was dressed for a funeral.

Clinton sources told Ambinder the New York senator was committed to helping elect Obama on Nov. 4, but she wanted to keep her options open for later. Imagine that in a seasoned politician.

Come 2012 Clinton would have to choose which race she’d enter. Two years ago in her first Senate reelection bid, her main website was, which she still has. Plus for her political action committee and another one for her ’08 campaign debt donations.

So why would she need another website with 2012 in it, unless.... Her disappointed presidential campaign supporters may take heart. But will they still help elect another Democrat this November? Or sit it out and let ’12 fall to her?

We are just six weeks out from Clinton’s ’08 surrender to Barack Obama. And, surely, everyone knows exactly what that means: only 223 weeks left until the 2012 election.

--Andrew Malcolm