Opinion: Ron Paul’s own convention: Jesse Ventura. Goldwater Jr. And Tucker Carlson?


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Well, Rep. Ron Paul, our favorite 11-term sort-of Republican congressman running unopposed in November in a district near Houston, has released a major statement on his Rally for the Republic, which is designed to compete with the second day of the regular Republican National Convention in St. Paul next month.

‘’I consider this event equal to, if not more important, than anything I have done over all these years,’ Ron Paul said in a special unrehearsed videotape message to followers. (Click on the Read More line below.)


Loyal Ticket readers already know about the impressive fundraising success of the 72-year-old former ob-gyn, who’s even older than the regular Republican nominee that Ron Paul won’t endorse. Paul raised about $35 million this past year, way more than more famous guys like Mike Huckabee. Depending on whose count you use, each of Paul’s convention delegates cost him more than $1 million.

He got more than one million Republican primary votes, despite persistent allegations of a mainstream media plot to ignore, play down and smother his campaign with such tricks as barring him from TV debates or minimizing his photo.

Paul got considerably fewer than a million convention delegates. More like 20. Or maybe 14. Which is one reason he decided to have his own convention, where he’ll likely get them all.

But Paul did get the libertarian-like message out to many across the country and sold a lot of his new books and raised the awareness of how much alike he thinks the Republican and Democratic parties have become in their commitment to way-too-big government.

Paul and his energetic, committed followers believe they are laying the groundwork for a longterm revolution from within the not-so grand old GOP. Meanwhile, they hope to embarrass the GOP in St. Paul and cost it many votes on Nov. 4.

According to Dr. Paul (see video below), he’s lined up quite a guest list of luminaries for....


...the Sept. 2 event, designed to underline how non-conservative the regular Republican Party has become, especially the guy from Arizona who supports the Iraq war, unlike Paul.

And as a fiscal conservative who carried no debt in his recent spectacular but little-noticed presidential campaign, Paul notes that some of his guests are actually from Minnesota, which helps hold down travel costs.

So anyway Paul says Jesse Ventura has agreed to speak at the rally. He’s the hairless, former pro wrestler and former amateur Minnesota governor who’s really sick of government getting into the nooks and crannies of our private lives but still chickened out on a Minnesota U.S. Senate race this fall against Sen. Norm Coleman and alleged comedian Al Franken. Ventura made the non-candidacy announcement on ‘Larry Ling Live’ recently, as The Ticket noted.

Barry Goldwater Jr. will be there, too, according to Paul. Goldwater’s father, who was singularly crushed by Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson in the 1964 presidential election, died 10 years ago. He was also from Arizona.

Paul has also lined up Rockie Lynne for the event. He’s so famous he needs no introduction. The same for Aimee Allen.

Dr. Paul, of course, will be the headline event giving a speech to remember, according to the rally’s website.

The emcee for the rally is a huge Ron Paul supporter, the notoriously bow-tied Tucker Carlson, whose political TV show was such a viewer success over at MSNBC that he got cancelled. So he’s got some time this fall to help out.

Tickets for the event cost $17.76. Get it? They’ve already sold 7,809, according to the website counter.


It should be an exciting time.

--Andrew Malcolm