Opinion: listing had Barack Obama Halloween mask under ‘terrorist’


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You know that argument the John McCain-Sarah Palin campaign has been relentlessly making that Barack Obama ‘pals’ around with terrorists such as ‘60s ex-radical William Ayers?

And they say this reflects on his poor judgment because of other associates such as Rev. Jeremiah Wright and newly-convicted Tony Rezko?

And worried Obama PR folks jump right on the e-mail whenever Obama and Ayers and the word ‘friend’ appear together anywhere, even though Chicago Mayor Richard Daley and Obama chief strategist David Axelrod have called them friends or friendly.

Anyway, a listing on, one of the largest and most successful online merchandisers in the world, seemed to come down even beyond the Republicans’ side -- for a while anyway. With Halloween just days away, they’re making a bundle off a $49.95 Barack Obama mask.

Which was displayed on the ‘terrorist costume’ page.

You read that right!

(UPDATE: Amazon’s listing seems to have caught itself and deleted the Obama mask from the terrorist page. However, before that happened, The Ticket captured a photo. See below.)


Click on the Read more line below and see the online display....

...picture for yourself. There’s the Democrats’ presidential candidate smiling right under the headline ‘Terrorist Costume.’

For comparison purposes, a Hillary Clinton mask is going for only $6.95 (down from $12.99). Even with her 18 million votes. The Sarah Palin mask, however, is going for $25 (Deluxe versions cost 98 cents more, but it’s eligible for free shipping).

The Joe Biden T-shirts and life-size cutouts (sorry, no mask) have been marked down. The John McCain page offers paper masks for 99 cents and a rubber one for $12.90 (marked down from $16.99).

While the ‘Sexy McCain Trophy Perfect Wife Halloween Costume’ goes for only $14.94 (no doubt because there’s really not that much to it).

The Obama terrorist page listed related searches as ‘arab costume, terrorist.’

--Andrew Malcolm

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Image Credit: Top of the Ticket blog

Here’s the Deluxe version of the Barack Obama mask available on ($19.99). Pretty scary, allright: