Opinion: With only 1,448 days until election day 2012, Ron Paul ponders another run


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With only 1,448 days left before the 2012 election, you-know-who is making plans to launch another long-shot campaign for the presidency.

So much can happen before Nov. 6, 2012: Hillary Clinton could be on the Supreme Court. Her husband could be getting $400,000 per speech.


There’ll be yet another James Bond actor. Shrek IX will be showing. And Harry Reid will be scowling. Still.

Also, you can bet Rep. Ron Paul will be running for the White House again, probably as a Republican. Not so much to actually win, mind you; RP runs to make a point about less government and foreign intervention.

And anyway by then, at age 77 Paul will be the second oldest guy to launch a losing presidential campaign, behind only Ralph.

Thanks to one of our favorite libertarian writers, David Weigel over at, we get a Ron Paul update and a peek inside the opaque window that is the perpetual Paul campaign. Weigel tells us, via Paul’s grandson-in-law Jesse Benton, that the Texas congressman is pondering another run.

Benton says Paul needs to make up his mind soon, like by mid-summer next year, because ‘those voters in New Hampshire and Iowa expect to see their candidates early and often.’

Benton says Paul ‘would be very likely to run as a Republican,’ in large part because the hated media conspiracy that allegedly ignores him so much gives him more exposure as a GOP candidate than as some kind of fringe nutjob.

With the primaries a dim memory and Paul once again back in the House for an 11th term (unopposed this November because Texas Democrats know a political tornado when they see one), people tend to forget that Paul raised nearly $35 million from his fervent fans.

That’s way more than Mike Huckabee and almost as much as Mitt Romney dished out from his own funds. In fact, Paul raised more money in the third quarter last year than any other Republican.

Of course, Paul’s total $35 million is only about two weeks’ or less take for the ’08 Barack Obama money-printing machine.

But since when have the odds ever deterred Paul?

-- Andrew Malcolm

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