Opinion: ‘Do you know the website number?’


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Vice President Joe Biden joined an elite group this morning, in the company of President Bush and the former Alaskan senator, Ted Stevens.

Wait, did we say ‘elite?’ We mean risible.

While discussing, the taxpayer’s stimulus guide The Ticket wrote about this morning, on the CBS Early Show today, Biden was asked what the address for the website was.


His clueless response undoubtedly put a smile on the faces of tech savvy viewers.

‘You know, I’m embarrassed,’ Biden said. Turning to someone off screen, he asked, ‘Do you know the website number?’

Bloggers and Twitter users scoffed at the phrase ‘website number’ over the course of the day. Such a misnomer wouldn’t be a shock coming from most 66-year-olds, but the Obama administration has emitted an air of tech savvy up until now. ‘Website number’ sounds like something we’d hear from Sen. John McCain.

Of course, it’s not the first well documented tech flub by a politician. Bush’s ‘Internets,’ Al Gore‘s purported claim of starting the Internet and Stevens’ comparison of the Internet to a ‘series of tubes’ have all become Web memes -- often referenced and commonly mocked.

Biden said he was embarrassed about not knowing the address. Well, he may soon find another reason to blush about that interview.

Next time, they should ask if he Twitters. And he’ll say, no he laughs out loud.

(UPDATE: Meanwhile, Glenn Reynolds writes that Biden’s ignorance is a small one. But points out this is the guy in charge of monitoring the stimulus spending. And speculates, what if, say, Sarah Palin had made such a gaffe on nationwide TV. Might we have heard more about it today? Do you think?)

-- Mark Milian

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