Opinion: <em>O-O!</em> Oprah reports the pies in Obama’s White House are <em>very</em> good


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Malcolm Forbes successfully resisted the temptation. But usually when you have your own magazine named for yourself and devoted to yourself, you can put pretty much anyone you want on the cover.

And that’s pretty much always yourself. So for every single issue during the last nine straight years, it may not surprise you to learn that Oprah has put herself on the cover of every single issue of her very Own magazine.


That’s why it’s called ‘O.’ And that’s why Oprah fans read it. Or look at it.

But for the first time now, it may surprise you to learn that while Oprah is not devoting the entire April cOver of ‘O’ to sOmeOne else, she is sharing it with sOmeOne else. And it may not surprise yOu to learn that the sharer is nOne Other than brand-new First Lady Michelle Obama.

It’s about the first lady’s new life in the White House, which Oprah helped engineer by breaking her nonpartisan show biz ban to endorse Obama and hold that huge fundraiser at her Montecito house and lead all those Obama rallies last year that helped the fellOw Chicagoan Obama win DemOcratic primaries/caucuses in places like Iowa and North Carolina. Nevermind New Hampshire. Or Ohio. Or Indiana. Or Pennsylvania.

Oprah says she wants her mag covers to be fresh, and nothing is as fresh right now as the Obamas, who are ‘sparking a national spirit of renewal the likes of which I’ve never seen.’

Anyway, Oprah’s already visited the Obama White House because she reveals that she got thrills just walking in and it’s now a very open, sunny place and Michelle is so comfortable there and took off her shoes for the interview on a comfortable sofa and talked to the billionairess about her new life as the new White House matron: ‘If something breaks, it’s fixed. In an hour.’

Without acknowledging she tried them, Oprah also reports that Michelle reports that the White House pies are ‘dangerously good.’

So, stand by for a White House weight control issue in the future.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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