Opinion: Carrie Prejean confirms ‘sex tape,’ but ...


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Carrie Prejean, some might remember, is the California beauty queen who gained instant ignominy in some circles by agreeing with President Obama’s ridiculous notion that marriage is a union between one man and one woman.

This was said to make Prejean outrageously conservative although Obama, who is a male and said the same thing throughout the endless presidential campaign, was ranked as the most liberal member of the U.S. Senate a year ago now. That must be what passes for progress nowadays.

Both liberals and conservatives have been bickering and chuckling and pointing fingers of hypocrisy ever since. Also, Prejean had breast augmentation, some keen-eyed critics noted, which is certainly unimaginable for any American female let alone ones successfully participating in the beauty business.


Anyway, Prejean lost her Miss California USA sash when she allegedly failed to fulfill ...

... appearance provisions of her contract because she was too busy becoming a conservative icon. Like pretty much every other breathing soul in public life this month, she’s written a book.

It’s titled ‘Still Standing,’ which some folks might see as having a double-meaning in the context of a sex video, but not us. Sean Hannity, who also has a dangerously conservative reputation, wrote the book’s foreword and had the 22-year-old author on his Fox News Channel program last night.

As he so succinctly put it, ‘We might as well go right to it.’

The handsome host noted that the high-powered celebrity website TMZ claimed to have a sex video of the beautiful Prejean that is so outrageously explicit it hasn’t posted it yet. But people can feel free to keep clicking back there every few minutes to check. If they don’t mind someday maybe finding a naked female conservative with bipartisan augmentations.

Prejean replied -- insert teasing pause here -- yes, there was a tape she had done as a teenager. She made it for a distant boyfriend whom she loved at the time. She said TMZ can call it a ‘sex tape’ if it wants. But she was alone on the video, and no one else was in the room.

So everyone (except TMZ, Prejean’s mother and the ex-boyfriend, who presumably provided the tape of his once-beloved) is left to imagine what songs Prejean chose to sing on her karaoke machine that night.


Prejean said it was the ‘biggest mistake’ she’d ever made in her not-yet-lengthy life. She regretted it. She felt mortified talking about it, but it was her own fault. And that as a Christian she’d never claimed to be perfect.

Prejean and Hannity agreed that conservative women seem to be targeted for criticism by liberal media. (All of whose members are, btw, never naked.)

Prejean also said that she and her very liberal sister ... well, you can watch this short Fox News video for yourself. (Warning: This video contains graphic images of two fully-clothed adults talking about a book on a cable news channel decidedly denounced by senior Obama White House aides.) Read more below.

Additionally, we should note that, as reported here last week by The Ticket, someone named David Plouffe was also on Fox News last night, also selling a book. Plouffe, some might remember, was the manager of the Obama presidential campaign that hasn’t really ended yet.

The fully-clothed Plouffe was talking with Greta Van Susteren about how really, totally, amazingly, seriously Obama considered Hillary Clinton as his vice presidential partner before going instead with the charismatic Joe Biden. No mention of any videotapes.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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