Opinion: New poll: Now, even Democrats oppose repealing Arizona’s illegal immigrant law


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Many Democrats don’t like Arizona’s new immigration law but are willing to give it a test drive and see how it works.

That’s according to a new Fox News/Opinion Dynamics poll out Friday showing the majority of Americans with an opinion favor the bill (34-21%). Republicans support the law (51-9%) as do Independents (37-18%) while Democrats largely oppose the measure (35-18%).


That’s not too surprising as other polls have shown more Americans are in favor of the bill than against it.

When asked if the Obama administration should try to stop the new Arizona immigration law, or if the administration should wait and see how the law works, Republicans and Independents by large margins want the law left alone.

Interestingly, so do Democrats. And it’s not a squeaker either. By a two to one margin (52-26%), Democrats said the law should be left alone to ‘see how it works.’

When asked if Arizona was ‘right to take action by passing its new immigration law and not waiting any longer for the federal government to act,’ Democrats, Republicans, and Independents all....

...responded that the state was right to take action. GOP respondents were most in favor of Arizona’s initiative (77-14%), Independents strongely endorsed the move (72-21%), while it was much closer for Democrats (43-41%).

Of course, with polls you are always going to get criticism for how the questions are framed. Ravi Somaiya over at Gawker, for example, isn’t a fan of how OpinionDynamics (the company Fox commissioned to do the poll) handled the questioning.


Somaiya criticized a question asking respondents what their biggest concern was regarding illegal immigration. Crime, terrorism, change in culture, taking jobs away, and overburdening government services were offered as answers.

‘In this case they may as well have added ‘Are you concerned that illegal immigrants will steal your children?’ or ‘Illegal immigrants often cook and eat puppies,’ he writes.

As far as we could tell, those two questions were not included in the poll. You can check out the poll for yourself here.

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-- Jimmy Orr

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