Opinion: Obama folks having real t-r-o-u-b-l-e reading the new A-r-i-z-o-n-a illegal immigrant l-a-w


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Maybe instead of childhood obesity, the Obama administration should focus its feel-good campaign attention on adult literacy.

Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano is now the second outspoken member of President Obama’s high-powered cabinet to admit she has not actually read the Arizona illegal immigrant law that she’s been so thoroughly denouncing anyway.


Recall House Speaker Nancy Pelosi saying Congress would have to pass the healthcare legislation before we could all read what was in it?And remember all the mocking that went on awhile back when religious evangelicals criticized movies they hadn’t seen or shows they hadn’t attended?

Well, the learning requirement apparently only goes one-way. And they’re boycotting reading the law they want people to boycott Arizona over.

Testifying before Arizona’s own Sen. John McCain this week, Napolitano was asked if she had read the law derided by so many for things it doesn’t do. (See the fun C-SPAN video below, especially at the 1:01:20 mark.)

Napolitano allowed as how well, actually, no, not really. Not ‘in detail’ is how she put it.

In case she -- or you -- would like to read it now, The Ticket published right here the full text and accompanying Executive Order by Gov. Jan Brewer way back on May 7. (See Related Items beneath the videos below.)

Previously, the attorney general of the United States, Eric Holder, a reputed lawyer, admitted to Congress that he too had not actually read the relatively short piece of legislation. No doubt too busy not closing Guantanamo Bay.

Hmm. So earlier this week trouble-making reporters asked White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs if the Smoker in Chief, another strong critic of the state law, had....

Advertisement the legislation. And Gibbs said he thought Obama had asked his lawyers for information on the bill.

Which, of course, doesn’t really answer the question. It’s primo White House-speak for ‘probably not but I don’t want to admit it.’

Also on the video Napolitano, a former Arizona governor, proclaims that the Arizona act on illegal immigrants is legislation that she would never ever have signed as governor.

Without ever having read it.

Qwik Pick:

For those who can’t read but got this far anyway, take a look at this other disturbing WSB-TV video report here from the Arizona-Mexico border, the sieve-like line that prompted Arizona’s elected officials to enact the strict new illegal immigrant law.

Most people think of illegal immigrants as poor Central Americans seeking lucrative work in the United States. But WSB uncovered convincing evidence that the flow of illegal immigrants now includes Pakistanis and Afghans, trained in Spanish, with plans to look for targets, not jobs.

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-- Andrew Malcolm

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