Opinion: Obama unmasked as fraudulent Chicago Bears fan on eve of Super Bowl


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Look at him!

How pathetic!

The president of the United States, the ex-state senator from Chicago’s South Side, the man who vowed to fly Air Force One to Dallas this weekend at a cost of only $181,000 an hour if his beloved Bears made the NFL’s Super Bowl.

Which they, uh, didn’t, but only because of a dozen or so fluke touchdowns by an opponent from some rural town to the north.


Now, here is that same guy standing there with one of those huge cheesey Wisconsin grins on his face actually touching a Green Bay Packers jersey!

And not only did he touch the autographed green thing, he accepted it as a ‘gift’ from a couple of cheesehead politicians who identified themselves as Scott Walker, the governor of Wisconsin, and Jim Schmitt, the mayor of Green Bay. Who cares which is which?

It’s the sort of behavior you might expect from some clueless Hawaiian, not a president with a genuine Midwestern football loyalty.

A real fan of Da Bears might not even watch the not-so-Super Bowl this Sunday afternoon.

A real Chicago Bears fan might well switch the channel to well, not the Irish figurine sale, but maybe the Fishing Channel. Or attempted bull-riding.

If a real Chicago fan did accidentally catch a few minutes of the....

...last of some 9,000 or so NFL games this season, that real fan would be rooting for all sorts of calamitous things to befall the athletes in yellow stripes, who must be paid extra to endure life in the puny Green Bay TV market that’s had running water now for years. When he eagerly accepted the jersey in Wisconsin the other day, the president said something about his Bears having lost to Green Bay and in the spirit of sportsmanship he wished the Packers ‘good luck.’

Seriously! Can you imagine in your worst nightmare on Elm Street Dick Butkus saying something like that? Or Da Coach? ‘We were really hoping to go to the Super Bowl. But if it can’t be our Chicago boys, we’re absolutely delighted that it’s those deer-killers from Wisconsin.’

It gets better. Guess what? Come to find out not only is phony Bears fan Obama going to watch the Bearless game, he’s actually going to throw another big White House party on the public tab with more than 100 connected people celebrating the Bears not playing.

Since that man-caused terrorism thing was eradicated by eliminating the color-coded threat levels, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano plans on sampling the free and no doubt healthy White House munchies. As does Attorney General Eric Holder, who’ll make an appearance during a break from suing states. (No, you can’t. It’s closed to the public and press.)

Apparently, Pennsylvania has a team in the Super Bowl. In a Thursday visit there Obama said he also wanted to wish them good luck. Bipartisanship to believe in.

But here’s the final evidence that the president’s Bears loyalty is as fake as a reform ticket in Democratic Chicago: Obama vowed publicly that he’s going to remain neutral in a football game involving the Green Bay Packers who defeated Chicago’s Bears two weeks ago.

A Chicagoan. Neutral. In any Green Bay game.

One thing’s for sure: That missing birth certificate sure doesn’t say Chicago on it.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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