Opinion: Sarah Palin: A cartoon imagining her administration isn’t funny to everyone


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Sarah Palin was the subject of a cartoon by Jeff Danziger, a New York illustrator whose work can sometimes be seeing on the Huffington Post, that ran in The Times this weekend. In the cartoon, Danzinger speculated, humorously, what the Palin administration would look like. Clearly a parody, it features Christine O'Donnell as a Supreme Court Justice, Chuck Norris as the Secretary of Our Precious Freedoms, Bill O'Reilly as Voice of America and Jon Stewart as Voice of Antarctica - among other jokes.

Some of the readers of the Opinion LA blog, which posted the illustration this weekend, did not see the humor.

‘Funny, how this simple woman pushes you guys button,’ wrote jose mairena.


‘Typical drivel from the left, whoever replaces our current ADHD President in 2012 will be better than the man/child we have now,’ predicted Goeasy0.

Not all the readers were not all pro-Palin. Not by a long shot.

‘No Michele Bachmann? Of course not, there’s no room for two dim-witted Divas who could not find their way out of a paper bag if their head were caught in one,’ wrote someone who called himself Bob believes in basic babbling.

‘Palin wouldn’t seem so bad were in not for her utter lack of intelligence. She could not ask a simple question as to what newspapers and magazines she reads to help form her opinion on things that a president needs to deal with on a daily basis. She could not recount ONE newspaper or magazine, and then she blames katie Couric and the ‘Lamestream media’ for an ‘ambush’ interview. What a joke. If she had the brains to be president, people would take her seriously, but people won’t cause she don’t.’ someone called JohnTheBaptist wrote.

Click the illustration above to see it in all its glory, and feel free to leave your remarks as to how it sits with you.

-- Tony Pierce

Illustration by Jeff Danziger / For The Los Angeles Times