Opinion: Donald Trump still wants Iraq’s oil, calls Fox analyst a ‘sad fool’ for disagreeing


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Donald Trump believes in the old adage ‘to the victor belong the spoils’ so much that he is willing to disparage syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer while standing his ground.

The real estate mogul has established on several occasions that if he were president and the United States was involved in foreign wars with oil-rich countries, he would ‘take’ their oil after the conflict ended.

Fox News analyst Krauthammer told Fox host Bill O’Reilly that he considers conversations like that ‘nutty’ and ‘unserious.’

‘Look Bill, that kind of talk is the stuff you expect at a guy at a bar at closing time with slurred speech,’ Krauthammer said on ‘The O’Reilly Factor.


‘Charles doesn’t like the idea of us taking the oil,’ Trump told ‘Factor’ producer Jesse Watters on Wednesday in New Hampshire. ‘We won a war. We’re in a war. We spent $1.5 trillion on this war. We lost thousands of soldiers, great military people, and thousands and tens of thousands are wounded. And I say take the oil. Because what’s going to happen is Iran is going to take the oil the day we leave.’

Trump continued, ‘Iran’s not taking the oil, not if I’m president. And Charles said ‘that’s impractical’. So honestly, Charles is a fool. He’s a fool. I mean, I want to be respectful. He was very nice on the phone. But he’s really a fool.’

‘[Krauthammer] called you a drunk nut, basically, last night on ‘The Factor’’, Watters informed Trump, fanning the flames. Trump admitted that he didn’t hear the statement but understood the motive.

‘Look, they want to get some publicity off my back,’ Trump explained. ‘I’m leading all the polls. And he’s just a sad fool.’

Krauthammer, earlier in the month compared The Donald to another recent presidential candidate who made it to the national stage in an unconventional manner.

‘Trump is Al Sharpton of the Republican Party -- provocateur and clown, unserious,’ Krauthammer said recently on Fox News. ‘I think he’s going to harm the party if he runs for the same reason Sharpton harmed the Democrats.’



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