Opinion: Late-night’s best: Obama’s sunken approval rating bad news for Kadafi


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Letterman: On Monday no more smoking in New York City public places. So after today if you’re holding something smoking in New York City, it better be a gun.


Leno: President Obama wants Israel to go back to pre-1967 borders. Now, Native Americans are demanding Obama go back to pre-1492 borders.

Leno: You heard about that whole world-coming-to-an-end thing, right? Look, I love Oprah too. But it was just a TV show.

Letterman: Oprah has taped her last show. I hope to God she’s taken care of her money. I do. Because I think Steadman may be sucking her dry.

Leno: President Obama’s approval rating went up after the SEALs.... Osama Bin Laden. But now it’s back down. That’s bad news, not for Obama, for Kadafi. Letterman: Regis Philbin’s new memoir is out. And in it we learn that he lives in a walled compound with his three wives. Did you know that?

Conan: Donald Trump says he’s not running for president. This is devastating news for Trump supporters, all of whom are late-night comedians.


Conan: Mike Huckabee dropping out opens the door for Michelle Bachmann and Rick Santorum. Trump quits, opening the door for Randy Quaid and Gary Busey.

Fallon: The Obama campaign has moved into a 50,000 square-foot Chicago office. Ron Paul lands a sweet kiosk at the mall right across from Sunglass Hut.

Fallon: A Canadian Dairy Queen breaks a world record by creating a 10-ton ice cream dessert. Or as we call that in America, ‘a medium.’

Fallon: This year more than 250 colleges are using graduation gowns made of recycled plastic. That’s great preparation for the first job most graduates will get these days –- collecting and recycling plastic bottles.

Leno: A new study says six cups of coffee a day can cut men’s risk of prostate cancer by 60%. They think. After six cups, they can’t get a guy to sit still for an exam.

Fallon: Some political news. President Obama offers $1 Billion to Egypt to create new jobs. And if that works, they’re going to try it over here.


Fallon: Playboy is putting its entire 57-year archive online. Finally -– we have a place to see naked women on the Internet.

Leno: A new poll puts President Obama’s job approval at only 41%. Not good. Many who voted for him now say they liked him better when he was a Democrat.

Letterman: Turns out New York City has the highest per capita rate of narcissists. I read that and said, ‘Who cares? Let’s talk about me.’

Fallon: Some important medical news: Doctors are warning male patients that using Viagra could cause deafness. And many husbands reply, ‘OK, but what’s the downside?’

-- Andrew Malcolm

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