Opinion: Sarah Palin is ‘what the Razzies are all about,’ award founder says


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Sarah Palin is the subject of a new film that opens Friday. John Wilson, the founder of the Golden Raspberry Awards, which annually recognize the worst movies of the year, seemingly can’t wait for ‘The Undefeated.’

‘She’s the political equivalent of what the Razzies are all about and she’s hysterically funny if you don’t stop and think, ‘Oh, my God, she could’ve been vice president!’ ‘ John Wilson told Tom O’Neil at the Awards Tracker blog.


Past winners of Razzies for ‘worst actress’ include such luminaries as Pia Zadora, Bo Derek and the Spice Girls.

‘Sarah Palin exhibits ineptitude and an indefensible grasping after other people’s ideas, calling them her own. Just like Hollywood filmmakers who can’t make an original movie. She wants you to put on rose-colored glasses instead of 3-D glasses, but there is still a surcharge you should not pay,’ Wilson quipped.

Palin took to Facebook this month to refute a British tabloid’s report that the hockey mom was in tears after seeing the premiere in Iowa.

‘Obviously we’ve seen our share of media lies, but the latest fabrications circulated take a big slice of the cake. The UK Daily Mail reports that I was ‘in tears’ as Todd ‘rages over Hollywood stars ripping’ me in the new film ‘The Undefeated.’ Huh? Really?’ Palin wrote.

Houston Press film critic Pete Vonder Haar attended an advance screening in Texas and wrote that viewers just might learn something about the maverick from the movie.

‘I could see a lot of people who loathe Palin come away from ‘The Undefeated’ grudgingly admitting she must have done some things right in Alaska (a state with a population less than that of Austin, sure, but still). That is, if they can wade through the nonstop imagery of martyrdom: lions feasting on innocent zebras, a knight felled by one of countless arrows (fired by the leftist media, no doubt), a woman’s corpse getting dirt thrown in its face,’ Vonder Haar wrote.

Kyle Smith, a New York Post critic who also saw an early version of the film and wrote that ‘it’s so outlandishly partisan that it makes Richard Nixon look like Abraham Lincoln’ later found himself uninvited to a screening attended by fellow critics.

Smith predicted on his personal blog that the film was ‘going to be laughed off the screen by whatever hacks show up.’

‘I can only assume that the massive flaws in the film I warned about have not in fact been corrected and that the distributors are content to release a hopeless raving sputtering jumble directed solely at an Amen chorus of supporters with zero chance of persuading any of Palin’s many haters to change their minds,’ Smith wrote.

‘I don’t know why Sarah Palin called her movie ‘The Undefeated,’ ‘ Wilson said. ‘She lost the vice presidency, she quit the governorship of Alaska and she cut her bus tour short. The title makes no sense.’

Sound like a Razzie shoo-in? You betcha.


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