Opinion: Sarah Palin says Obama’s ideas ‘are the antithesis’ of the forefathers


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Sarah Palin, like Michele Bachmann, is aligned with many Republicans in condemning President Obama and other Democrats for having the gall to suggest that the wealthiest of Americans return to a tax structure that was in place before George W. Bush introduced his tax cuts for the rich.

“The White House and many liberals in Congress are so addicted to that OPM, other people’s money, that it’s much easier to spend other people’s money than their own,’ Palin said on the Fox Business Network.


Very much like Bachmann, Palin is also not interested in raising the debt ceiling, it appears.

“The President is not capable of giving the right message to deal with the problem we are facing with the bankruptcy that’s facing America if we don’t start living within our means. The right message is that growing more debt won’t get us out of debt, and raising taxes in a time of economic woes in a bad economy is a bad idea,’ Palin said in the interview scheduled to air Tuesday night.

‘Of course Barack Obama had once espoused those ideas when he was a Senator and as a candidate, but he’s flip flopped on those positions and now his message seems to be we need to keep spending, taking more from our small businesses, taking more from individuals via raising taxes and he thinks somehow that that’s gonna be the solution,’ the hockey mom said.

Although many have dismissed Palin for not being smart or sharp, watch how she smoothly echoes the never-ending right-wing theme that the president is a stranger in a strange land, alien to the principles that this nation was built on.

“A lot of this has to do with his background, him having not been a part of the private sector and running a business or having to rely on making profit. That seems to be foreign to our President. His background and those he’s appointing don’t understand what America was built upon. His ideas are the antithesis of those things that created the prosperity in America,” Palin said.


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