Woman Guilty of 2nd-Degree Murder of Husband

A Glendale woman who claimed she killed her husband in self-defense by hitting him over the head with a champagne bottle was convicted of second-degree murder last week in Pasadena Superior Court.

Brenda Clubine, 33, was being held at the Sybil Brand Institute, awaiting sentencing Jan. 23 by Judge Lillian M. Stevens for killing Robert Clubine, 50.

Clubine admitted that she killed her husband in a Glendale motel room on Jan. 29, 1983, but testified that she did so in self-defense because he repeatedly beat her. The jury, however, rejected her explanation because Clubine stabbed her husband twice with a pocketknife after she clubbed him with the bottle, jury foreman Don Talmo said.

Defense attorney Theo Poloynis-Engen said this week that she will appeal.

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