Freezing Death of War Hero

It's bitterly ironic to think of anyone dying of cold and hunger in front of the White House where warmth and fine food abound, and the resident is the elected Keeper of our national welfare and security.

I remember when we were admonished by him to care for our neighbors and feed and clothe and shelter them if necessary. Charity begins at home, we were reminded.

Now we understand security does not mean warmth, food, shelter and jobs for its citizens. It means another missile, another aircraft carrier.

The ultimate mockery of this tragedy was the pompous funeral, presentation of the flag, taps and medal, the cost of which would have housed and fed our hero for months.

The ceremony was unattended by the perpetuator of such callous neglect. This, Our Keeper, whose stock in trade is a wave was not even there to wave goodby. Why? He was on his way to another luxurious million-dollar holiday.

A shameful day for our country!


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