Nixon Confined to N.J. Home With Severe Case of Shingles

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Associated Press

Former President Richard M. Nixon is confined to his New Jersey home because of a painful case of shingles that his doctor calls one of the worst he has ever seen, an aide said today.

John Taylor said Nixon’s upper back and shoulders were affected by the disease, which is caused by the chicken pox virus and often results in blisters and sores.

“Last week, Dr. (Harvey) Klein told the boss (Nixon) it was one of the worst cases he’s ever seen,” Taylor said.


Nixon, who turns 72 on Wednesday, was not hospitalized and was advised to remain at his Saddle River home through the first or second week of February, Taylor said.

Nixon finished work on his latest book--”No More Vietnams”--despite coming down with the ailment in December.

Shingles causes blisters and sores, and often high fevers. It is caused by chicken pox virus, which affects nerve endings.