Disposal of Household Toxic Wastes

I read with interest your Jan. 10 article ("Home Toxic Waste Pilot Plan Readied," View section) that mentioned a proposal to deal with the need of proper disposal of hazardous wastes found in the household.

When one considers that being a housewife is one of the maternal occupations found more frequently among parents of children with childhood cancer, this should certainly alert us to the need for proper elimination of this household hazard.

Other occupations associated are women living on farms and craft workers. Birth defects, as well as an increased incidence of abortions and stillbirths, have also been known to occur as a result of the fetus' being exposed to chemicals. A plan that recently took place in Florida, in which neighborhood disposal sites were created, was met with a huge success. I think that 1985 would be an excellent year to introduce a similar plan here. DAVID WALKER, M.D. San Clemente

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