Santa Monica

The city has selected a 15-member "working group" to deal with the problem of the homeless. The group is scheduled to begin meeting some time this month.

Members of the group are:

Maxine Scheer, Ocean Park Community Organization; Pat Barrett, Main Street Merchants Assn.; Blyden Boyle, chairman, Central Business District Committee; Gwen Meyer, public inebriate task force, Chamber of Commerce; the Rev. Charles Elswick, Westside Shelter Coalition; Sister Marilyn Rudy, Social Services Commission; Sgt. Dick Tapia, Santa Monica Police Department; Sister Mildred Irwin, St. John's Hospital; residents Paul DeSantis and Irene Zivi; Betty Macias, Ocean Park Community Center; Mike Korda, Jewish Federation Council; Susan Johnson, former resident of Turning Point Shelter; a representative from Santa Monica Mental Health West; a representative of the county and City Atty. Robert M. Myers.

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