ALL COVERED OPENING--Mariska Hargitay, 20, daughter of...

ALL COVERED OPENING--Mariska Hargitay, 20, daughter of the late actress-sex symbol Jayne Mansfield and one-time body-building champion Mickey Hargitay, is keeping her clothes on in her first major film role. She plays "a confident but sweet girl" in a low-budget college high jinks comedy called "Road Trip."

Turkish producer Ahmet Yasa, making his first American movie, wanted more flesh, but Mariska declined. "They compromised a little, and I compromised a little. Originally, my part had a little bit of nudity, but I don't do nudity."

Her part, she said from a Las Vegas location, is "just about the only socially redeeming value in the movie. It's about all the bad things (two competing college tennis teams) do on a road trip." Richard Roundtree plays a tennis coach, Scott Strader a tennis star and Christopher Lee a college dean. The director is Steve Carver ("Lone Wolf McQuade").

Mariska, who attends UCLA as a theater arts major, noted, "I don't think you can compare me to my mom--the '50s and '60s are so different. What she did at that time was great for then. (But) I want to concentrate on acting, the craft--at this point. Looks are great, but I don't think that's what gets you very far anymore."

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