TOPS IN TAPS--A yellow brick road was...

TOPS IN TAPS--A yellow brick road was rolled out in New York last week for the American Film Institute benefit premiere of "That's Dancing," MGM/UA's latest compilation film in the manner of "That's Entertainment."

Stars of the old musicals--including Jane Powell, Arlene Dahl and Marge Champion--joined those of more recent films in walking down the temporary yellow brick road that linked the Ziegfeld Theater with the New York Hilton, where a glittering supper dance was held following the premiere.

In one of the night's entertainments, Gregory Hines coaxed MGM/UA board vice chairman Frank Yablans into performing an impromptu tap dance duet.

Highlight of the evening was a moving presentation by Hines and Paula Kelly ("Sweet Charity"), in which each of the dancers talked about what dancing means to them. "With dancing, it's not a matter of lines, lights or camera angles--there are no outward trappings, it all comes from inside," Kelly said. "Either you can dance or you can't. And when you can, it's one of the greatest highs."

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