Miracle Mile

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The Los Angeles City Council is expected to approve in about 60 days the Wilshire Courtyard, a sprawling office complex that was given a green light by the Planning Commission last week.

A spokesman for Councilman John Ferraro said zoning changes for the 980,000-square-foot, $150-million project were approved with little opposition, although some residents were concerned about truck traffic at a loading dock.

The commission’s decision will go to a City Council committee, then to the council itself for final approval.


Ferraro’s spokesman said the process is being speeded so the twin buildings will be completed in time for California Savings & Loan, a major tenant, to take over the western tower as part of its expansion.

Although the site was already zoned for high-rise construction, city approval was required because an area at the back of the property--fronting on Wilshire Boulevard and bounded by 8th Street and Curson avenues--includes land zoned for residential use.