State Surplus

I hate to put a damper on Gov. George Deukmejian's party over his new budget, but unlike what appears to be the majority opinion, I feel cheated.

Accolades to Deukmejian, he kept his pledge to increase education spending. But what about his pledge to return the surplus to the taxpayers? Why not give us a chance to create a little surplus of our own? If the State of California is taking in $1 billion or more than it needs, then either a tax cut or a rebate is warranted. Government is not in the business to make a profit off the taxpayers.

While I attended UCLA, I had to do it on my own. I was not eligible for adequate financial aid, and fees kept increasing. Now I am working full time. But my taxes are helping finance an education that I was not able to have. I had to give up school, to work full time. Thus I am creating more money for the state, which they are using to lower the cost of education, which I do not have access to. If someone can show me the fairness in that, then I will applaud the new budget and shut my mouth.

Keep in mind, that all of us work to make a better, or in some cases, simply an adequate life for ourselves and our families. That in itself is hard to do in California without the state hoarding a surplus in one hand, while continuing to ask for more with the other.


Panorama City

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