Senior Citizen Project Would Skirt Codes

Sam Hall Kaplan's article on senior citizen housing (Jan. 6) proves that it's easier to be a critic than an informed participant.

The city that Kaplan chooses to live in was created through private industry, subject to the complex rules of the state Subdivision Map Act, the city's Planning and Zoning Code, the Planning Commission, City Council Planning and Environment Committee, public participation, the City Council and the concurrence of the mayor. The senior housing project Kaplan refers to unfortunately violates many of these codes. The arguments against it are neither "shrill" nor "frail." They simply explain violations of the law.

We could save a lot of money if we could bypass the legal requirements and let Kaplan make all of our decisions without bothering with the laws or balanced input.

Kaplan didn't bother to talk to me or to attend the hearings. He was obviously not interested in learning about the side that disagreed with his position or the legal requirements.

I guess it's easier to criticize that way.


Councilman, First District

The Sam Hall Kaplan column of Jan. 13 was a tour de force! What would we do without your vitriol, wit and style. Sunday certainly wouldn't be the same. Neither would L.A.



Thanks Expressed

Thank you so much for the impressive article (on Kline Center, Jan. 13). We are very proud of the project and most appreciative of any recognition it might receive.

You may be interested to know that Kline Center, Phase 1, is to be presented with Ontario's Model Colony Award, which is that city's premier real estate honor.



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