Mautner Elected President of Westside Fair Housing Council

Fred F. Mautner, a recipient of the Los Angeles Human Relations Commission's Certificate of Merit for outstanding volunteer services in fair housing activities, has been elected president of the Westside Fair Housing Council.

Other 1985 officers include Alan Katz, vice president; Kathleen O'Neill, secretary, and Anne Froehlich, chief financial officer.

Newly elected directors are Sylvia Berger, Ernie Felton, Floyd Grant and Audrey Harris; members at large include Marvin Adelson, Yolande Adelson, Martha Bozemen, Mary Cole, Sylvia Geiselman, Herman (Hal) Gold, Ethel Haydon, James Hornstein, Flo Johnston, Barbara Lossos, Marina Morales, Anthony Mischel, Dorothy Perry, Ilse Rosenstein, Bettye Taylor and Dorothy Thomas. Blanche Rosloff is executive director.

The Westside Fair Housing Council has offices at 10835 Santa Monica Blvd.

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