Other Voices in City Clerk Fuss

I was dismayed to hear Redondo Beach Councilman Archie Snow's recent allegations of impropriety in the city clerk's office. Specifically, Snow has accused City Clerk John Oliver of not providing an environment where a fair and impartial election could be held. Furthermore, Snow alleges that Oliver used his office to promote the campaigns of his political allies.

It is essential that the public know about the role of the city clerk's office in the upcoming city election. As a City Council candidate from the 4th District, I am impressed with the professionalism of Oliver and his staff. They have always been courteous and answered my questions fairly. The city clerk's office has never failed to refer me to appropriate sources of information. However, at no time has Oliver's office offered me information that it would not provide to any other candidate. STEVE REISS

Redondo Beach

Reiss is one of three candidates challenging Councilman Snow in the March 5 municipal election.

Redondo Beach City Clerk John Oliver has been charged with improper use of his office. I believe the duties within the office itself are an improper combination. The city clerk is an elected official and also the city's election officer. In the ultimate conflict of interest, the city clerk supervises, regulates and controls his own election. Redondo's election process is a mockery and a blatant abuse of democratic principles.

Redondo Beach should consider hiring its city clerk based on education and experience, or segregating the election officer function from the duties of city clerk. ROGER A. EVANS

Redondo Beach

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