Long Stays Allowed at Animal Shelter

I read with interest your article (Orange County Digest, Jan. 21) concerning 19 dogs and 1 cat facing a Feb. 15 adoption deadline from the Irvine Animal Shelter.

Mike Igoe, animal health technician for Irvine, stated that the 45-day stay for the animals of the Irvine shelter is "by far the longest length of time that any agency gives an animal." I felt compelled to clear up this erroneous information.

The City of San Clemente established its pro-life animal shelter on Jan. 1, 1983, when it terminated its long-standing contract with Orange County for animal control service.

The program is being operated by the San Clemente Fire Department. It is being combined with a recycling program and is staffed by one full-time animal control officer and 65 volunteers.

The animals are housed at the shelter until suitable homes can be found. One resident in particular, Rudy, a mixed-breed dog, has been waiting six months for the right family to come along.

We San Clemente residents are very proud of our shelter and its pro-life stance, and we invite and encourage visitors to tour our facilities and perhaps find their own "best friend" while there.


San Clemente

Joelle Bailey is a shelter volunteer.

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