Curb Social Evils

The report by your staff writer Michael A. Fairley, "McColl Pushes Bills Against Pornography" (Jan. 26) is most encouraging to those citizens who are very much concerned about the growing social problem.

Indeed, San Diego Councilwoman Gloria McColl is to be highly commended for her insight and her efforts to bring about more stringent and effective legislation to help to curb the adverse influence of one of our worst social evils.

It is also comforting to know that other community leaders and legislators such as Vista Councilwoman Gloria McClellan and San Diego County Supervisor Susan Golding are lending their support to the urgently needed laws.

In view of the social problems created by the growth of the "pornographic industry," the activities of these lawmakers urgently require conservatives as well as the sensible liberals to aid in the enactment of such laws as proposed and endorsed by those who desire to see the reduction of all kinds of sex-related crimes.

We can roll back the tide of the ill-founded 20th-Century "Sexual Revolution" if we give full support to those in authority who are at the forefront of the movement for the necessary reforms in government and our social mores and the occupations adversely affecting society.



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