The delightful experience of Thanksgiving at Hever...

Castle Being Sold

The delightful experience of Thanksgiving at Hever Castle, England (Nov. 18, 1984), Anne Boleyn's ancestral home, is no longer available. The new owners, real estate developers, seem more interested in the quick profits of selling off Hever's land than in the long-term continuance of its style and people. It was a wonderful experience, and I am sorry that your readers who would have cared to participate no longer have that option.


San Juan Capistrano

Capturing India

Four years ago while living and working in the Middle East I was fortunate enough to visit both Srinagar and Leh. Sharon Dirlam's India articles (Oct. 28 and Jan. 6) capture the peace and tranquillity of these unique regions. I thank her for giving so many an insight into these two cities and letting me relive my fond memories.


Laguna Beach

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