B&B; DisappointingBeing a bed-and-breakfast owner I have...

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B&B; Disappointing

Being a bed-and-breakfast owner I have a special interest in keeping standards high and the reputation good. They can even be the reason for one's trip. That was true recently when I called for reservations to stay at the Pickford House in Cambria to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Please warn your readers not to make the same mistake.

Not only did they not have the accommodations we requested but tried to hustle us into a more expensive room, which I expect was more decently appointed--ours wasn't. Sloppy construction added to poor lighting, cheap unmatched linens, dust ruffle too large for the bed, ashtrays filled with stale cigarettes in the lounge/bar.

The owners live in Los Angeles and have their inn managed by people who do more than their share to encourage patrons to avoid it. . . .


Studio City

Yugoslavia Errors

My enjoyment of Cecil Smith's article on Lake Ohrid, Yugoslavia (Jan. 6), was destroyed by his historical inaccuracies. They spoiled an otherwise interesting article. First he inferred that King (Tsar) Samouil was Macedonian; any encyclopedia or history book treating Byzantium/the Bulgarian Empire will point out that he was a Bulgarian king embroiled in battles with Basil, Emperor of Byzantium.

As to St. Clement, who was sent to his residence in Macedonia and Lake Ohrid, probably about AD 886, citing him as the inventor of the Cyrillic alphabet is quite a specious argument, besides being highly suspect. Although many references exist, the one that comes quickest to mind is Sir Steven Runciman's "A History of the First Bulgarian Empire" (Appendix IX). It can be found in any college library and the Los Angeles Public Library.

These details still play a role in the politics of Eastern Europe and the Macedonian question.


Los Angeles


As we live only a short distance from Laguna Niguel, we were extremely interested in John Haase's Jan. 13 article on the new Ritz-Carlton Hotel. We agree that it has a world-class view and its interior is superb. We have been there for Sunday brunch, breakfast and for dinner. Each time we have experienced the same long delays as Haase in getting our food served, and on each occasion we had long waits in getting to our table, even though we had reservations.

Until the management is able to correct this, their polite apologies will be no substitute for the kind of food and service one demands at a world-class hotel.


San Clemente

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