Two former winners, Stu Hagmann and Rick Levine, were nominated again Monday by the Directors Guild of America for outstanding work in the direction of TV commercials during 1984.

Hagmann, who won the DGA commercial award last year, was nominated for three ads he directed: "Stranger in the House" for McDonald's, "Right Moment" for the Latter-day Saints and "Skates" for IBM.

Levine, who won for his work in 1981, was nominated for "Good Samaritans" for the Latter-day Saints and "Radio Telescope" for Sonecor.

The other nominees announced by the guild Monday were:

William Dear, "Window Washers" for Budweiser, "Devo" for Honda, "Concourse of Doom" for Frontier, "Dragnet" for Bell Atlantic and "3-D" for Budweiser.

Leslie Dektor, "Blues" for Levi's 501, "Wait" for Nutrasweet and "Own the Night" for John Player.

Michael Ulick, "Peace" for American Greeting Card, "Statue of Liberty" for Eastman-Kodak and "First Job" for Coca-Cola.

The winner will be announced--along with those in the movie and TV categories--at DGA dinners in Beverly Hills and New York on March 9.

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