Crime at School

In his article "Disciplinary Crackdown Called For at High School" (Jan. 31), Bob Williams did an outstanding job of telling about the crime wave going on at Lawndale's Leuzinger High School.

My brother attends that school and he tells me about those disruptive students who "do not respond to authority" and make it harder for others to get an education. Obviously, the school officials have not done enough to correct the disruptive students because it is indeed true that "incidents of students being threatened and robbed of their lunch money are 'common occurences' on the campuses."

I am glad that a group of parents and students are "going public" about violence. If it's not controlled or remedied it might get even worse.

Schools are places where students go to learn, but if Leuzinger can't correct its problem, Leuzinger should not be a school anymore.



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