Q: What can I do to...

Q: What can I do to update last year's blazer? It's a beige lightweight wool, and it seems to have the right amount of shoulder padding. T.V.

A: Your blazer is fine. Don't touch a thing. It's what you put with your blazer that transports it into 1985. Instead of wearing it with tailored skirts and pants, for example, put it with a sarong--a printed cotton sarong. If the two garments sound contradictory, that's exactly the point--or maybe the counterpoint. The hip-draped sarong is the spring skirt favorite of designers ranging from Giorgio Armani in Milan, who shows it in linen damask with wool blazers, to Anne Klein in New York, who offers it in suede with linen jackets. The idea is to combine two elements that are totally unrelated in style and fabric. You can get an authentic batik sarong for $20, plus shipping and handling costs, by writing to China Seas, 21 East 4th St., New York, N.Y. 10013. Or you can make your own from Pauloa Pattern No. 4407, which is priced at $2.35, plus 65 cents for postage and handling. The Pauloa sarong is a mini version, so if you want one that skims the knees, you'll have to adjust for length. If your local fabric shop does not carry Pauloa Patterns, you can order directly from the company at P.O. Box 11254, Honolulu, Hawaii 96828.

Q: Please help me find maternity panties with back supports. The maternity girdles that offer panels at the lower back and under the abdomen are too orthopedic for my needs, but I would like some support. L.Y.

A: The product you're looking for is called the Ariela Panty. It was developed by Nancy Steiman, an aquatic therapist, who came up with the idea while teaching water exercises to pregnant women. The lower abdomen is cradled in a sling-like support made of soft elastic. It is said to reduce strain in the lower back. The product is available in petite, small, medium, large and extra-large for $15 at Lisa Norman Lingerie, Etc., 1134 Montana St., Santa Monica 90403.

Q: My son, a native of Southern California, is in his first year at New York University. He says he's freezing to death. I've already told him to bundle up in his down-filled jacket, to wear a scarf, cap and gloves and to get some long underwear. Do you have any other advice for me?


A: Tell your son to chase the chills by wearing wool mittens instead of unlined leather gloves and to be sure that the gloves go over the sleeves to reduce heat loss at the wrists. He should also wear waterproof boots and two pair of woolen socks, and he should layer his ear-flapped wool cap with a nightcap next to his head. Statistics show that more than 40% of body heat that escapes does so through the head. Tell him to help thwart that escape by letting his hair grow.

Q: My husband has given me a beautiful white-satin jump suit that I'd like to wear the next time we entertain at home. I feel that it would look best with high heels, but I don't want to be a cook-hostess in heels. Can you recommend a shoe style that would look right with the jump suit but still allow me to race from kitchen to dining room? I wear size-10 shoes.


A: How about slipping around in kidskin ballet slippers? They're available for $18, in white or black, in the current catalogue published by Victoria's Secret, P.O. Box 16589, Columbus, Ohio 43216. Sizes range from 5 to 10. If you want to make the shoes more special, decorate them with seed pearls, satin bows, lace bows or tiny seashells.

Q: Whatever happened to good old lamb's wool sweaters? They seem to have been totally replaced by Shetlands, which I cannot wear. Does anyone still make a classic lamb's wool pullover? I wear a size 36.


A: Lamb's wool pullovers, as well as lamb's wool cardigans, are available for men and women in the current catalogue published by Lands' End, Lands' End Lane, Dodgeville, Wis. 53595. The sweaters are knitted in England of two-ply yarns. The pullovers come in navy or camel for $26, in women's sizes small, medium and large, in men's sizes medium, large and extra-large. The cardigans are $36 in the same colors and same sizes. The men's version has pockets; the women's version, being shorter, stops at the waistline.

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